IT: When Less is More

With each big technical breakthrough, the world becomes flatter: many walls that used to limit communication and operations collapse, and millions of neurons get sparked with a higher level of imagination.  This is just incredible!

The question is: have advancements in Information Technology managed to skip the paradox of “the more is less” present in many other fields? For example: the more convenience automobiles bring us, the less healthy bodies we get. Of course, we tend to overcome this by inventing sport clubs and the habit of exercising.

Well, if you think about it, same thing applies to IT. The more digital techniques we have, the less out-of-the-digital-box thinking we have. We’ll be less oblivion of physical means of approaching and solving a problem. And sometimes, a simple physical means could be just The One thing we need!

Unless we consciously free our minds of that virtual box and stop limiting the solutions we propose with the size of the toolkit we already acquire, we could have less intuitive and informative solutions.

One creative design company had faced such a scenario. The way it managed to overcome the problem was awesome! People in Vitamin Design were just looking for a means to organize themselves. They tried different time planning tools: from post-it-notes to complex project planning software but “the more we put technology at the forefront, the more restrictive the system became”. So they came up with a really cool idea: use a big calendar of Lego bricks that can provide visual feedback of who is doing what and when.  What is really interesting part is: Take a photo from your phone of this calendar, forward it to a dedicated email, and get your Google calendar synced! Now, the less complex the digital software is, the more smiley faces you’ll have J

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/02/vitamins-design-lego-calendar/


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