What’s on the mind of enterprise executives for IT in 2013?

I caught the link of this rich infographic on my Twitter account tweeted by Microsoft. This is one particular reason why I love Twitter: while in FB I connect with people I went to school with, in Twitter I connect with people I wish I went to school with!

So what does this infographic tell us about changes in the perception of IT by business executives in the coming years?

  • By 2013 1/3 of new application development will target a mobile form factor
  • 58% of new IT investments will directly involve business executives in 2013. This percentage will raise to 80% in 2016.
  • End users will shape technology from the round up. Business leaders will embrace technology. And Technology leaders will lead business strategy.
  • #1 tech priority is to improve the use of data and analytics to improve business decisions and outcomes.
  • Business must employ a connected strategy-across mobile, social, cloud and information- to remain competitive.
  • Increased focus on user experience in organizations. 40% of organizations have a UX designer in 2013. This percentage will reach 64% in the next 2-3 years.
  • 70% of CIOs will embrace a cloud first strategy in 2016.
  • 71% of CEOs see technology as the most critical force to impact their organizations over the next 3-5 years.
  • The number of CIOs who are strategically oriented business changers is doubled in the recent years, and the number of CIOs who are tactically focused service providers has fallen to half.

I find this quite interesting!


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