I found couple more reasons to admire Google. Here you go:

101. Because Google started from a noble goal centered around people and it is doing it in the most intuitive way.

Reviewing Google’s mission (Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful) and annual report, we can say the following about Google’s strategy.

In all the decisions Google took which resulted in outstanding success, Google’s strategy was 70-20-10: to dedicate 70% attention to its core business, 20% to related areas, and 10% to explore innovative new areas.
The core business of Google is centered around the noble goal which is a universal human need of organizing world’s information in every possible format, from text to geographic maps, in the most intuitive way for people. Google puts people first and believes that profit will then follow.
for achieving this, Google is making sure to attract the best skills in the world and nurture the happiest environment for them (*SIGH*)

102. The WOW effect: there is always something new to surprise you in Google, something new to discover, learn, and do things better.

And my most recent “WOW” came yesterday when I thought of clicking on the “Web Store” link in the default Chrome New Tab page. I could add tens of amazing web apps, and my plain New Tab page is turned into an impressing dashboard fully-packed with nice widgets to try.



I am so please with my online desktop, accessible from anywhere at anytime. The apps are amazing as well. Two particular apps I liked: the Good News, and the Pixlr Editor. I no more need to hold my laptop to use Photoshop to edit images. Now I can do so from any pc and save them in my online account. Isn’t that amazing?

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