After the usual orientation and team introduction tour I opened a new Power Point presentation and started preparing my personal mission. The purpose of that document was for me to define a high-level road-map that helps me keep my compass set in the right direction.

First slide reads like this: “My mission is streamlined with the company’s core working values: Transparency, Excellence, Teamwork, and Innovation”.

I then detailed few high-level objectives for each of those values, defined the IT tools required to achieve it, and gave some examples of possible scenarios.newjob


I defined the following objectives:

  • (T1) Providing consistent visibility to key business data residing over the different line-of-business systems. (Tool: Business Intelligent)
  • (T2) Providing visibility to corporate content pertinent to business rules and other information about business processes. (Tool: SharePoint)

To define more measurable indicators, I identified the following measures out in a simple informal way:

  • (M1-T) Percentage of awareness of new joiners about: ‘how to do this job’ and ‘where to find that piece of information’.
  • (M2-T) Percentage of  awareness of BUs about: ‘who is responsible of that shared task’, ‘who acted on that shared task’, ‘what is the status of that task’, and ‘how to follow up actions’.
  • (M3-T) Percentage of visibility of shared communication on shared/team tasks.
  • (M4-T) Percentage of employees having access to their personal performance metrics, and related business measures (dashboards and scoreboards).
  • (M5-T) Percentage of automatic alert notifications about major triggers related to business objects (example, when contract is signed,..).


  • (E1) Excellent quality of operations and processes that would guarantee customer satisfaction and support business growth planning.
  • (E2) Optimal response time and process workflow with defined and trackable SLA.

For the Excellence objective, I defined the following measures:

  • (M1-E) Percentage of automation and reporting on of quality monitoring.
  • (M2-E) Percentage of automation of core business processes and operations.
  • (M3-E) Percentage of automation of SLA tracking and reporting.

Team Work

  • (TW1) Building a team-based platform for sharing information and knowledge (SharePoint).
  • (TW2) Ensuring means for team collaboration, task assignment and tracking, and performance measurement.

For this I defined the following measure:

  • (M1-TW) Percentage of  automation of process workflow.


Go further with cutting-edge technologies: mobile, web, and social marketing and CRM technologies.

While I found it hard to define indicators for measuring the one goal that doesn’t fit into ready molds, but I can say that this can be measured by the effect seen in the competing market in terms of outstanding appeal to customers.

After finishing this “personal road map”, I felt so happy, fully charged, and targeted. I felt that I put my energy, focus, tools, directions on the one path. However, speaking about how this plan went, what I achieved, and what I did not and why is another story, may be to be told in another post!

2 thoughts on “My First Two Days in My Job

  1. Congrats Manal…Wish you all the best ..
    I read through your article and I really enoyed it…Looking forward for the next post

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