The major IT management challenge is to keep one close eye on the rapidly changing market of IT technologies, while keeping the other eye on the corporate strategy, so that it maintains alignment with the business priorities by utilizing proper advancements in IT.

The question then is what is the CIO’s best move in response to next strategic move by the corporate so that their priorities are aligned to the best interest of the business?

I reviewed one interesting study done by the Arabian Computer News magazine on “Top 10 CIO Technology Priorities” and here are some interesting findings.your-move

1. Business concern: measuring increased enterprise growth ————IT move: analytics and business intelligence

2. Business concern: expanding customer base —————-IT move: innovative mobile technologies

3. Business concern: reducing enterprise costs—————–IT move: enhanced IT management technologies

4. Business concern: enhanced operational results————IT move: Enterprise resource applications

5. Business concern: increased productivity——————–IT move: business process management tools

6. Business concern: expanding into new markets————-IT move: Customer Relationship Management

7. Business concern: improving business processes———–IT move: collaborative technologies

8. Business concern: improving sales effectiveness————IT move: legacy application modernization

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