Yesterday I came over the following tweet:


So I opened the link and read the rules. Title goes like this :

Spend Spring Break at the PASS Business Analytics Conference 2013: Tweet for a Chance to Win a Ticket!

Rules include the following:

“So, if you’re a big data geek and this sounds like the perfect spring break for you, here’s your chance to win a free ticket to PASS BAC with a single tweet!

At Noon PT on Friday, March 1st, we will post a question on our official Twitter account (@SQLServer) and then it will be up to you to tweet your answer. pass-ba-conf-logo-alt1(UPDATE:  See Challenge Question here) We will be on the lookout for answers with hash tag #passbac tweeted to @SQLServer through 9 am PT, on Tuesday, March 5th.

To qualify:

  • You must be following the @SQLServer Twitter account;
  • You must reply from your account to @SQLServer;
  • Your entire tweeted reply should be no longer than 130 characters in length so that we can re-tweet the winning answer;
  • Your tweeted response must include the hashtag #passbac; and
  • You may only submit one response to the question. If you submit more than one response, all of your responses (including the first) will be disqualified.

The winner of the Spring Break at PASS BAC Challenge will be announced at 2pm PT on Friday, March 8th on Twitter@SQLServer.”

And who could miss this chance. I learnt about PASS few weeks back and while I was reading the sessions briefs I wished I could attend. So I took the challenge and tweeted this.


Whether my wish will come true or not, I really like the new approach of marketing using social media networks. It add brilliance and open unprecedented opportunities: more followers, more buzz about it in the virtual world of social networks, more marketing, means growing bigger. Even a giant like Microsoft will use the social media marketing to grow bigger! This is how the world is becoming “flatter”!

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