A genuine techy has distinct perception of IT, passion of it, and spirit.picture from aiimconference.com

  • His loyalty is to the Technology. He is concerned of seeing it advancing forward and seeing its positive impact on operations, services, and economy. This is one culture prevalent in the Silicon Valley, and that is why it is normal to have higher job hopping over there.
  • His sense of job security is higher because he knows he got an important skill that can open for him endless “windows” of opportunities, and that in each new door he unlocks with one new technological venture he can (literally) change the world!
  • Open to change, eager to learn, resilient to the max, happy to take challenges, confident that any problem should have an innovative solution with IT.
  • his world is digital: paper work and paper-based workflow are sources of irritation and the first thing he tends to do when he gets the command is to automate processes.
  • Mobile world: In his daily activities he takes maximum advantage of the mobile technology.
  • Integrated, smart, social world: he integrates social technologies into processes rather than building standalone solutions.
  • Ready to embrace the better world of Cloud: appreciates the revolutionary idea of replacing monolithic enterprise solutions with app solutions in the cloud that are platform independent with instant deployment and no maintenance.

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