This is one project I worked on and delivered successfully. The requirement was to find a solution so that our Customer Service team can link the incoming emails (in Outlook) to our Line-of-Business (LOB) system for Event Business Management (EBMS).
Basically, the team want to use Outlook as their main tool to receive tickets, but they also want to be able to link incoming requests to the corresponding Event and Customer, and assign it to one team member to follow it up. Event and Customer data are already available in EBMS and the system is also designed to create issues. Only missing link was to link Outlook to EBMS so that the team don’t have to leave their Outlook and switch back and forth between two software.

So, I developed Outlook add-in, using Visual Studio 2011 in C#. This add-in allows the user to select for each Inbox message, an Event (a drop-down list retrieved dynamically from EBMS, Customer, issue category, and assigned representative. Once Save button is clicked, the email along with all attachments, will be saved to EBMS and be linked to that event and customer. A ticket # will be generated. The ticket will have a status. For accessing the database I created stored procedures. I designed the solution based on 3-tier architecture.

The ticket can be accessed both in Outlook and in EBMS. This way we could use the system database to generate ticket tracking reports. This makes it super easy for the team to coordinate their work, and for management to track the status of requests and issues for outstanding service and ultimate customer satisfaction rate.



One thought on “Outlook Add-in for Issue Tracking

  1. hi Manal, i am looking for something like this but to be integrated with any tickiting tool “i.e Access DB , MS Service Manager , etc..” appreciate if you can help me or guide me what to do.

    Alaa Saif
    Sr. IT HelpDesk Support
    Mantrac Group

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